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Ambush Gardens

About us

At Ambsuh Gardens we rent out PCS (pursuit combat systems). These guns are a lot like the Tippmann A-5 with just a few minor differences. We have two different courses at the moment. The first is a woodsball course. All of the obstacles in this field are natural, things like fallen trees shaped into barricades.  In the second field there are mainly racecar tires and pallets formed into barricades to hide behind. At Ambush Gardens we have certain safety rules and precautions that must be followed; such as always wearing a mask (provided by the course), using the safeties on the guns (when in the safety areas), and keeping barrel plugs in at all times when not in play (also provided by the course).  We also require a waiver form to be filled out by each player.  To come out and play call and make a booking 24 hours in advance. (956-1358). We are hoping to be able to put up a speedball field in the near future so keep checking back for more information.